Hospital Staff Achieve Amazing Weight Loss With Hypnotherapy

Hospital staff lose as much as 28Ibs after just 12 weeks of hypnotherapy

Permanent weight loss with hypnosis

One hundred hospital staff at ­Man­chester’s Tameside Hospital recently took part in a hypnotherapy based weight loss programme designed to help them make healthier choices with food, exercise and relaxation. The programme was offered amid growing concerns that NHS staff are becoming more obese and less healthy.

According to who reported the story;

“Ninety per cent of those who took part reported that they had lost interest in snacking over the 12-week programme…Instead they turned to healthier options that helped them to slim down and feel better about themselves…In the most successful case, one member of staff lost 28lb over the three months. Another who suffered from chronic diabetes is about to come off her medication.”

Permanent weight loss with hypnosisThis is a wonderful example of how a properly managed hypnotherapy based weight loss programme can lead to healthy and lasting outcomes. For companies and organisations this is an effective, low cost intervention that significantly improves staff welfare. In addition one can only surmise that if the programme were rolled out across the entire NHS there would be significant gains for the organisation in terms of improved morale and reduced sick leave.

The reality is that all weight loss begins in the mind. A healthy lifestyle is built upon a mindset that creates and sustains healthy habits. If you are interested in healthy weight loss and lifestyle change you can give me a call on 0872895171. I have a brand new hypnotherapy based weight loss programme called “The Mindset Weight Loss Programme” and I would be only too happy to explain it to you.

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