Smoking and Lung Cancer

“Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in both men and women. Smoking causes nearly 9 out of 10 lung cancer deaths”.

Smoking Is the Cause

Smoking Damages The Lungs

 About 2,300 Irish people are diagnosed with lung cancer every year. Notwithstanding the anecdotal evidence sometimes offered by diehard smokers, cigarettes are by far and away the leading cause of lung cancer. This is a fact. And for those of you who feel a sense of safety or protection in the story of Uncle Joe, who smoked sixty cigarettes a day and lived to be one hundred, be warned. If Uncle Joe really existed and if he did live to one hundred in spite of his heavy tobacco consumption, then he was one of the very few exceptions to the rule. The reality is painfully simple smoking cause’s lung cancer.

Cigarettes are packed with cancer-causing chemicals. It is estimated that there are in excess of five thousand chemicals in cigarette smoke and this lethal cocktail has a devastating effect upon the body, in particular the lungs. There are over forty known cancer causing agents in every cigarette. In addition the tar destroys the lungs’ natural defense system. Our airways are lined with tiny hairs called cilia. To protect the lungs, they sweep out dirt, toxins, bacteria, and germs. The tar disables the cilia and the cancer-causing chemicals are able to invade the delicate lung tissue.

Breathing in second-hand smoke is also dangerous and raises your risk of contracting Stop Smoking For Your Childlung cancer. If you are married to a smoker then you are 20% to 30% more likely to get the dreaded disease. Research suggests that young children are particularly vulnerable to the hazardous effect of second hand smoke. Furthermore a recent study suggested that children do not necessarily have to have long or heavy exposure to second-hand smoke to be at risk.

My suggestion is that if you are a smoker who chooses not to quit, then at the very least do NOT smoke in the home or in the family car.


Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer begins quietly. There are usually no symptoms or warning signs in the early stages. As it gets worse, you may notice:
• A cough that won’t go away
• Chest pain, especially during deep breaths
• Wheezing or shortness of breath
• Coughing up bloody phlegm
• Fatigue
• Weight loss and loss of appetite.
If you notice any of these symptoms get to your doctor immediately.

Stop smoking now to avoid lung cancer

Please also remember that cigarette smoking is a leading cause of many other cancers and chronic illnesses and any abnormal changes should be dealt with urgently.

Scary Facts From

• 1 in every 2 smokers will die of a tobacco related disease
• Most smokers (83%) regret that they ever started smoking and would not smoke if they had the choice again.
• Smoking takes 10 to 15 years quality years off your life.
• Every 6.5 seconds someone in the world dies from tobacco use
• Every cigarette a person smokes reduces his/her life by five and a half minutes.
• In Ireland, smoking is the leading cause of avoidable death. Nearly 5,500 people die in Ireland each year from the effects of smoking and thousands of others are ill because of smoking-related diseases.

Are You Ready To Stop Smoking?

I am often asked if “…it is too late to stop smoking?” My personal belief is that it is never too late to make healthy changes. In fact research shows that people who quit smoking even after learning they have lung cancer do better than those who keep smoking.
So if you need to know more about quitting. If you are serious about making a life enhancing change, contact me. I would like to tell you about the “Breathe With Ease Stop Smoking System.” It is a successful approach to quitting cigarettes based upon powerful  stop smoking hypnosis combined with a comprehensive programme of supports that helps you to make fundamental subconscious changes necessary to live your life as a happy, healthy, contented NON SMOKER.


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