Stop Smoking

 Stop Smoking For Good

Are You Fed Up Being Controlled By Cigarettes? Discover How You Can Easily Stop Smoking And Remain A Non Smoker For Good

Wasting your hard earned cash and destroying your lungs in the process? Are you concerned about the effects of smoking on your health & fitness? Are you a parent who doesn’t want to set a bad example to your kids? Perhaps it’s simply the embarrassing smell of stale tobacco? Are you sick of being a smoker? If so read on.

Imagine how good it will feel to be free from the grip of cigarette addiction and take back control of your life. Do you want to Stop Smoking but don’t believe that you have the willpower? Discover how you can take back control of your life with stop smoking hypnosis. Kick the disgusting habit for good and enjoy your life as a happy, healthy, contented non-smoker. The Breathe With Ease Stop Smoking Programme has helped hundreds upon hundreds of people to quit smoking and free themselves from the disgusting tobacco habit.

If You Really Want to Stop Smoking, You Can Enjoy;

  • Improved Health & Fitness
  • Reduced Risks of suffering a life threatening disease such as cancer, or stroke.
  • Breathe more easily and comfortably
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • More cash in your pocket, to spend as you please.
  • Fresh clean breath and whiter teeth.
  • A clean, fresh smell from your hair, skin and clothes.
  • Greater confidence when meeting people

Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy


The Unique “Breathe With Ease Stop Smoking System” Is The Most Comprehensive Stop Smoking Hypnosis Currently Available Anywhere Today!
Breathe with is Ease is a revolutionary approach to quitting cigarettes based upon powerful stop smoking hypnosis combined with a comprehensive programme of supports that helps you to make fundamental subconscious changes necessary to live your life as a happy, healthy, contented NON SMOKER. Here is an outline of the Breathe With Ease


  • Avail of a FREE 30 minutes consultation where you can find out more about this revolutionary approach to stopping smoking. Have all your questions answered, without any obligation, before you make your decision.
  • When you book an appointment when we complete a stop smoking diagnostic questionnaire. This allows me to tailor the stop smoking hypnosis session to your unique needs.
  • Now it’s time to enjoy the session. Two hours of sheer relaxation and peace. The stop smoking hypnosis creates changes at a deep subconscious level of mind. You will be amazed at how good you feel by the end of the session. A Happy, Healthy, Contented NON SMOKER.
  • At the end of the session you receive the “Breathe With Ease Reinforcement Programme”. A specially recorded stop smoking hypnosis booster programme, which provides ongoing reinforcement.
  • After a week or ten days we do the second hypnosis session. Very focused and powerful. Another 45 minutes of hypnotic relaxation.
  • Although the vast majority of my clients only require a single session, if for whatever reason you require additional support, I will continue to work with you for as long as you want until you are smoke free AT NO EXTRA COST


“Call Sean at 0872895171 or email to organise your FREE consult or book your appointment. Now!”


“I was a smoker for 49 years, smoking on average 40 cigarettes a day. By the time I went to see Sean I was getting worried about my health. I had tried to quit before without success, I even tried nicotine patches but continued to smoke while using them. The hypnotherapy gave me the help I needed and I feel great now as a non smoker. My advice to anyone wanting to quit is to contact Sean Mc Gee. ”
Charlie Kennedy Co Donegal

“Sean was recommended to me by a friend who had successfully quit smoking. I really enjoyed the hypnosis session; it’s a great way to relax. I am totally smoke free and feeling fantastic for it. I would heartily recommend Sean to anyone who wants to stop smoking.”
Meave from Sligo

“I was fed up with cigarettes, my smokers cough was a constant reminder that smoking was destroying my physical fitness. I wanted to enjoy exercising again. One pleasant, relaxing session of hypnotherapy was all it took. Sean’s stop smoking hypnosis is highly recommended. ”
Fiona, Co. Leitrim

“I had tried to quit smoking before, but willpower alone just didn’t work. Not only was the hypnosis very pleasant and relaxing but it gave me the self confidence and belief that I could once again live my life as a non smoker. Sean’s stop smoking hypnosis is highly recommended. ”
Paul Mc Loughlin, Co. Donegal

“I was desperate to stop smoking; it seemed to be the one part of my life where I had no control. I wanted to be free from that horrible smell of cigarettes and above all I wanted to do it for my kids. Sean gave me the extra help that I needed to become a non smoker. One enjoyable, relaxing session is all it took and I feel great. Highly recommended”
Caroline, Ballybofey

Research proves that hypnosis is the most effective way to stop smoking. Check it out here…