Stress Makes It Harder To Lose Weight

Is it harder to lose weight if you suffer from chronic stress?

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Apparently the answer is a resounding Yes! A large scale study conducted by University College London and published in the journal “Obesity” in March of this year has concluded that elevated levels of the hormone cortisol, a marker for chronic stress, has a positive association with weight gain and obesity. Previous studies have hinted that stress can lead to weight gain but these results confirm the link. The implication is clear, to lose weight effectively we must manage chronic stress.

The stress response, sometimes called the “fight or flight” response is our body’s primitive, inborn response to danger that prepares the body to fight or run from perceived attack, harm or threat to our survival. It was invaluable to our ancestors who faced real physical, life threatening danger on a regular basis. It is one of the reasons that human beings survived to become the planets dominant species.

However, this evolutionary adaptation can be problematic today when it is often set off in response to modern threats which are not inherently dangerous or threatening. So when we are stuck in a traffic jam, or when we fall out and argue with our partner we automatically set off the fight or flight response. This is stress.

To lose weight you have to manage your stress
We put more weight on when we are chronically stressed

When a threat is perceived the brain signals the body to release hormones into the bloodstream to facilitate immediate physical action. Cortisol is one of these hormones and what the research is telling us is that when we are chronically stressed and our system is needlessly flooded with this powerful agent one of its chemical functions is to signal the body to accumulate fat rather than build muscle. So when stressed we get fatter and make less muscle and lean tissue. The exact opposite to what we need when on a weight control programme.

One of the interesting implications for successful weight loss is that we have to incorporate proper stress management and relaxation into our lifestyle to drop the pounds. Hypnosis is an highly effective method for creating behavior and habit change as well as developing deep, therapeutic relaxation.   If you you would like to know more about this subject or are seriously considering a healthier lifestyle give me a call on 0872895171 or email me at

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