“Revealed How You Can Learn To Deal With Stress And Take Back Control Of Your Life.”

What Is Stress? Quite simply it is the condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that the demands being placed upon them are greater than their ability to cope. Furthermore we all react to stressful situations and circumstances differently and in a highly individual manner. It is also worth noting that not all stress is bad. Positive stress provides us with motivation, excitement and energy. It drives us forward, to achieve and reach our goals. However, it is when we cross that “tipping point” and the level of stress in our lives becomes more than we can cope with that we fall victim to tiredness, exhaustion and ultimately illness.

Stress the modern plague. At one time the only people who suffered from the effects of stress were Senior Executives and Business People who ran large companies. But today we are all vulnerable to the stresses caused by living in a modern, fast paced world. We all have our own issues to deal with; be it financial pressures, problems with relationships or family, failing health or pressure at work.

Our hospital wards are filled to overflowing with people suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, digestive disorders, depression and anxiety to name but a few stress related illnesses. But it is at a personal level that we see the real tragedy as people’s health and lives are blighted, confidence eroded their happiness and peace of mind robbed by stress.

Stress management by Sean Mc Gee Hypnotherapy

Physical Signs Of Stress

High blood pressure
Heart disease
Constant fatigue
Shaking hands
Skin rashes
Digestive problems
Eating disorders
Muscle cramps
Tension in neck, back and shoulders
Tension in stomach
Need to urinate
Dry mouth

Childhood stress

Behavioural Signs Of Stress

Overeating orLoss of appetite
Crying and tearful
Increased alcohol consumption. Drinking for relief rather than pleasure
Drug abuse
Increased consumption of sugar and caffeine
Obsessive behaviours
Increased spending on unnecessary items

Emotional Signs Of Stress

Over emotional
Aggressive in difficult situations
Feelings of sadness and helplessness
Feelings of failure and guilt
Feelings of apathy
Poor concentration and poor memory
Difficulty in making decisions
Loss of interest in personal appearance
Loss of interest in other people or pastimes
Lack of confidence
Poor self esteem
Wishing to be left alone
Inability to assert oneself without getting angry

Woman Feeling Stressed Contacts Sean Mc Gee Hypnotherapy

Is Stress Making Your Life Miserable?

  Do you often feel that you cannot cope?

  •  Do you feel overwhelmed by constant tension and anxiety?
  •  Do you feel uncomfortably edgy and restless?
  •  Do you become irritable and get tired easily?
  •  Are You having trouble getting to sleep, or sleeping through the night?
  •  Do you find it hard to concentrate or remember things?
  •  Are your thoughts increasingly negative?
  •  Do you also feel down and depressed?
  •  Has your appetite gone or do you sometimes feel sick with worry?
  •  Are you comfort eating, smoking more or turning to alcohol or drugs to feel better?

Warning. Chronic Stress causes immense distress, and can sometimes lead to further physical or psychological problems. If Left Untreated!! Take Action Now !

Hypnotherapy A Powerful Approach To Help You Deal With Stress Safely & Effectively.

 Hypnotherapy is the most complete complementary approach to stress currently available. Learn powerful stress management techniques; deal with unhealthy coping strategies such as smoking or comfort eating, learn to use new behaviours which are more useful in stressful situations.

Imagine how good it will feel when you;

  •  Can feel real peace and calm in your life.
  •  Enjoy the freedom from tension in your body.
  •  Overcome the depression that often comes with stress
  •  Let go of the constant negative thoughts.
  •  Sleep each night and awaken the next morning feeling rested and refreshed.
  •  Cope with the everyday stresses and strains of modern life in a positive, proactive way.

Anyone Suffering From Stress Can Benefit From This Programme
The programme is suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds who want to make fundamental changes in their lives. It is excellent for young people and teenagers. (Please note young people under 18 years must have permission from their parents or guardians). Anyone who attends for stress related anxiety is advised to consult with their doctor.

  •  All work is carried out discretely and in total confidence.
  • The programme is tailored to your unique circumstances and needs.
  • Comprehensive support and guidance is offered every step of the way.
  • Every person is treated with the utmost respect and honesty.

I Work With Children, Adults & Organisations

“Running a business can be very stressful. Sean has taught me fantastic stress management and goal setting strategies which have enabled me to transform my management capability. I am now in total control of my thought processes, know how to re-energise my mind and transform every challenge into an opportunity. I can highly recommend.”
Desmond Mc Loughlin
Businessman Co. Galway

If You Would Like To Know More About Hypnotherapy & How It Might Help You; Send Me Your Questions. All Enquiries Are Dealt With In Strictest Confidence.

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