You Don't Have To Suffer From A Fear Of Flying

Are You Suffering From Aerophobia?

Fear of flying also called Aviophobia or Aerophobia is an irrational fear of flying. The fear or anxiety is often so intense that people will either avoid flying altogether or only fly with the assistance of medication. The anxiety can start in the days leading up to the flight and again kick in during the middle of your holiday as you begin to stress out over the return journey.

This irrational fear is all the more distressing when you consider that air travel is one of the safest forms of transportation available. In addition it stops people enjoying holidays and family visits at a time when air travel has never been so enjoyable and affordable.

Flying is much safer that traveling in a car, on a bike or even as a pedestrian. In fact the odds of being killed in a plane crash is 1 in 11,000,000 compared to the odds of being killed in a car crash which is a worrying 1 in 5,000. So people with a fear of flying get totally stressed out at the thought of a plane journey but don’t think twice about the real hazards of driving to the airport.

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What Causes A Fear Of Flying ?

The exact cause of this phobia is not really known. Many people develop a fear of flying after an uncomfortable experience. Perhaps a flight that hits some turbulence or a bumpy landing.Others might have associated anxieties such as a fear of enclosed spaces.

I believe that people can even develop the fear secondhand. You might hear of someone else’s bad flight experience or see something on TV or in a movie. And contrary to the evidence Hollywood really loves an airplane disaster. For example many people developed a fear of flying after the tragedy of 9/11. According to psychologist Gerd Gigerenzer of the Max Planck Institute, in the year after 9/11, fear of flying prompted thousands of Americans to drive instead of fly. Ironically, It resulted in a decline in air travel, but also saw an extra 1,595 people die in car crashes, because they misunderstood the risk of driving and exaggerated the probability of dying in a plane crash.

Having helped many people overcome their fear of flying, I have noticed two common denominators. Firstly people with this irrational fear tend to focus intently upon the flight itself rather than the destination. Secondly, they all seem to posses a very vivid imagination. Perhaps they have the ability to play out their worst fears in excruciating color and detail. Making it a very lifelike but painful experience.

Well here is the good news. Hypnotherapy is very effective with all phobias including a fear of flying. Two or three very pleasant, relaxing sessions are generally all that is needed to completely remove this needless anxiety. In this day and age no-one should suffer from Aviophobia.

If you struggle with flying or if you know someone whose life is blighted by this needless fear. Give me a call. Come for a confidential consultation and I will answer all your questions.

Its time to fly and really enjoy the benefits of modern travel.

Hypnotherapy Is Very Effective With Any Fear Or Phobia

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