“Revealed How Hypnosis Can Remove Your Fear Of Public Speaking So That You Can Talk With Poise And Confidence.”

The fear of public speaking, also referred to as “Glossophobia,” is the number one phobia in the entire world, so you are not on your own. Is your fear of public speaking holding you back? Does the prospect of standing in front of a crowd fill you with dread?

The fear of public speaking can cause symptoms which range from mild discomfort to outright panic and can afflict anyone irrespective of age, gender, educational achievement or position in life.

Do you go to pieces at the very thought of having to stand before a group and talk?

Hypnosis to cure fear of public speaking
Have You Extreme Anxiety With Public Speaking Or Presentations?

Your anxiety may be triggered by a fear of looking stupid. You may be worried about saying the wrong thing or losing your train of thought. For some, the presentation nerves are more severe when presenting to large numbers of people, whereas for others it can be worse when presenting to people that you know. Perhaps your fear of public speaking has been so disabling that you have shied away from promotion or avoided taking on more responsibility in your job or career.

Unfortunately the more that you try to control this fear, the worse it gets. Trying to displace the anxiety with positive thoughts just doesn’t work. Logic seems to disappear and even though you understand at a conscious, rational level that there is nothing to be afraid of panic seems to take over.

The anxiety caused by a fear of public speaking can lead to a great deal of psychological and emotional distress, which can impact negatively upon your confidence and self esteem.

A fear of public speaking may not be an issue for you if you never have to deliver a talk or perform in public. However, it can become a major issue if;


  • You are the groom, best man or other individual that has to deliver a wedding speech.
  • You are a Salesperson or Business Owner who has to speak convincingly to prospective customers.
  • You are a Manager who has to speak at meetings or wants to influence others with a confident, self assured delivery.
  • You are a student who has to deliver a paper or do a presentation.
  • You are a performer who has to work in the public eye.
  • You are a member of a sporting organisation, church, charity or local community club or committee which requires you to talk at meetings.
  • You just want to overcome your fear of public speaking because you resent the control that fear has over you.

Do You Suffer From One Or More Of These Symptoms?

  • Severe anxiety prior to speaking
  • Increased heart rate
  • Nervous Fidgeting
  • Dry mouth which makes it difficult to speak clearly
  • Irregular breathing
  • Stuttering or stammering over words
  • Sweating
  • Blushing
  • Dizziness or feeling faint
  • Loss of words or inability to speak
  • Do you forget everything, even your name?
  • Do you feel panicky as if you have an overwhelming desire to escape, run away

If You Would Like To Know More About Hypnotherapy & How It Might Help You; Send Me Your Questions. All Enquiries Are Dealt With In Strictest Confidence.

Do You Have A Speech Or Presentation Coming Up?

Hypnotherapy A Powerful Approach To Help You Deal With Your Fear Of Public Speaking.

Although each person’s fear of public speaking is unique to them, the common denominator is the source of the anxiety. The anxiety is generated by your subconscious, in a vain attempt to “protect” you from public embarrassment and the possible judgement and criticism of the audience. Even though you may understand at a conscious level that there is nothing to fear and the audience will be supportive, it makes no difference to how you feel. Unfortunately any time that there is a conflict between our subconscious feelings and emotions and our conscious, logical thoughts; the subconscious wins out every time.

This is exactly why hypnosis is such a powerful way to deal with this issue. Using properly applied hypnotic techniques we are able to make the required changes at a subconscious level; we deal with the root cause of your fear.

My specially developed programme is one of the most comprehensive approaches to Glossophobia currently available anywhere today.

  • Powerful 5-Path Hypnotherapy to identify and deal with the “root cause” of your anxiety.
  • Proven NLP techniques that change the way that you perceive and experience those distressing emotions.
  • Learn how to manage your state so that you can automatically trigger a calmer, more relaxed feeling when called upon to talk.
  • Practical coaching and follow up to make sure that you can speak or perform publicly with calm and poise.

Here’s the great news; for many of my clients they now LOVE speaking or performing in public. Without the fear it is a fantastic experience; there is a great buzz and excitement and with practice it can be exhilarating!!

Imagine how good it will feel when you stand up feeling calm and confident, then you;

  •  Deliver a great wedding toast which has the guests applauding wildly.
  •  Land that sale or contract with your killer sales pitch.
  • Convince the management team to adopt your plan through the power of your argument.
  • Know that you have aced your test or examination after a magnificent presentation.
  • You send your audience wild whilst at the same time enjoy being the performer in the spotlight.
  • You stand up and say what you want to say in a calm, relaxed, confident, voice…….

Any Questions?

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