Medical Hypnotherapy Really Can Help You Through Your Illness

In truth no one looks forward to an operation or medical procedure, it’s no fun. So to feel a bit anxious is a completely normal, healthy human reaction. But for some people the fear can be overwhelming. In some cases it can lead to avoidance, like the unfortunate individual whose teeth are blackened from decay because they are scared to visit the dentist.

Just as serious is the potential negative effects that anxiety can have upon your immune system. Research from the field of Psychoneuroimmunology tells us that anxiety has the effect of suppressing your immune system, thereby leaving you susceptible to other illnesses, complications as well as reducing your ability to heal properly.

Hypnosis For Medical Procedures Can Help You If You;

  • Have excessive anxiety or fear over a forthcoming operation or medical procedure.
  • Are considering postponing or even cancelling your appointment because you feel uncomfortable.
  • Have a phobia of the doctor or dentist. Referred to as “white coat syndrome”
  • Feel very anxious in a hospital, the doctor’s surgery or at the dentist’s.
  • Have a fear of needles.
  • Have a fear of medical equipment or apparatus.
  • Have a history of poor recovery from illness or surgical procedures.
  • Have to undergo a medical procedure and you feel drained physically, mentally or emotionally.
  • You need to prepare for an upcoming medical procedure by changing unhealthy habits and generally getting healthier and fitter.

I Have Sucessfully Used Hypnosis To Help People Who...

  • Patrick had significant anxiety about an upcoming operation. (See his story below)
  • Catherine was told by her surgeon that she needed an operation but if she didn’t lose weight her operation held significant risks. Using the weight loss hypnosis programme Catherine lost the required weight and improved her fitness levels prior to surgery.
  • I have helped numerous clients to stop smoking in advance of an operation. Smoking introduces numerous complications for post operative recovery and a smokers cough puts needless pressure on your wound. See the research  below.
  • I have also helped many people to lose weight in advance of an operation. Excess weight raises complications for surgery as well as inhibiting your post operative recovery.
  • Elizabeth had a needle phobia which made dental appointments very difficult. After two sessions of therapy Elizabeth has returned to her dentist and rectified several years of tooth neglect.
  • Helped Sean to overcome his claustrophobia so that he could relax during his MRI scan.
  • Mary was really anxious around doctors, a condition known as “white coat syndrome.” This made it impossible for her doctor to get an accurate measure of her blood pressure, because as soon as she entered his office she became anxious and her blood pressure went up. Two relaxing sessions of hypnotherapy latter and she was totally calm and relaxed in the doctors surgery.

Apart from these specific examples I believe that hypnosis for medical procedures can have a significant effect on your immune system and improve your post operative recovery and rehabilitation.

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Hypnotherapy for cancer care
Hypnotherapy Helps Breast Cancer Patients
Hypnosis for pain control by Sean Mc Gee Hypnotherapy

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Patrick, a successful businessman, was referred to me for help with significant anxiety about a forthcoming operation. He had already had an operation two years previously as a result of inflammatory bowel disease. Due to complications he needed a second operation but he had become very negative and increasingly anxious that he would suffer further complications just as he had done two years before.

The focus of the therapy was to deal with his underlying anxiety and rebuild his belief in his ability to heal effectively. In addition, hypnosis was used to increase his motivation to exercise so that he would be in good physical condition, to help him in his post operative recovery. I also gave Patrick a set of specially recorded hypnosis CD’s which were designed keep him calm and relaxed as well as provide hypnotic suggestions for effective and speedy healing. The CD’s were to be played daily from the moment he left the operating theatre.

Patrick responded brilliantly. By the time he was admitted to hospital, he had lost ten pounds, was walking up to seven miles a day, but more than anything else he was in a positive frame of mind and ready for action.

Patrick made a full and complete recovery. More than that he required less pain medication and was back at work much quicker than had been anticipated.

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