“Discover How You Can Alleviate The Distress Of IBS With Gut Directed Hypnotherapy.”

Is IBS Making Your Life Miserable?
Is your IBS getting you down? Do you suffer recurrent symptoms such as?

  • Abdominal pain which can be quite severe
  • Unusual bowel movements – intermittent diarrhoea, constipation, or an alternating combination of both
  • An uncomfortable crampy feeling as if you want to go to the toilet but are unable to do so
  • A full, bloating sensation, as if you were full of wind and gas
  • Occasional heartburn, nausea and vomiting.

Are these annoying symptoms taking the fun out of your life? Are you uncomfortable, scared to travel about freely in case you need the toilet? Are you feeling down and helpless, as if your condition is forcing you to put your life on hold?

Imagine How Different Your Life Would Be Without The Distressing Symptoms Of IBS

Hypnosis for IBS with Sean Mc Gee Hypnotherapy

Well here is the good news. There is a significant body of scientific research and countless success stories that attest to how “gut directed hypnotherapy” can help you to alleviate the pain and discomfort of IBS so that you can feel normal once again and get your life back on track.

5 Path Hypnotherapy; A Powerful Therapeutic Approach To IBS That Works Safely & Effectively.

5 Path Hypnotherapy is the most effective complementary approach to IBS currently available. Anxiety and stress tend to exacerbate the symptoms of IBS, so successful therapy is targeted at resolving underlying emotional issues as well as teaching the client self hypnosis for ongoing stress management.

Imagine how good it will feel when you put an end to those unpleasant symptoms, so that…;

  • You are comfortable, enjoying the freedom from tension in your tummy.
  • You overcome the depression that often comes with IBS
  • You are free to go shopping, enjoy a night out or go travelling without worrying incessantly about the availability of a toilet, just in case…!
  • You can cope with the everyday stresses and strains of modern life in a positive, proactive way.
  • You can start focussing on your life and a positive future, rather than being totally wrapped up in your IBS

If You Would Like To Know More About Hypnotherapy & How It Might Help You; Send Me Your Questions. All Enquiries Are Dealt With In Strictest Confidence.

Hypnotherapy Is The Treatment Of Choice For Your IBS Because;
– It is one of the most successful approaches for chronic IBS. The response rate to treatment is 80% and better in most published studies to date.
– Hypnotherapy works alongside treatment and medication prescribed by your doctor.
– The treatment often helps individuals who have failed to get improvements with other methods
– Hypnotherapy is pleasant and relaxing, it’s easy and very enjoyable.
– It utilizes the healing power of your own subconscious mind, and is totally without negative side effects.
– The treatment sometimes results in improvement in other symptoms or problems such as depression or tension headaches, along with the improvement in IBS symptoms.
– The beneficial effects of the treatment last long after the end of the course of treatment. According to research, individuals who improve from hypnosis treatment for IBS can generally look forward to years of reduced bowel symptoms.

“You really don’t need to suffer Call 0872895171 or email info@seanmcgee.ie now; to learn how “Gut Directed Hypnotherapy can alleviate the distressful symptoms of IBS”
  • All work is carried out discretely and in total confidence.
  • The programme is tailored to your unique circumstances and needs.
  • Comprehensive support and guidance is offered every step of the way.
  • Every person is treated with the utmost respect and honesty.
Hypnosis for IBS by Sean Mc Gee Hypnotherapy
Anyone who attends for Gut Directed Hypnotherapy for IBS; are advised to continue with any treatment, medications and dietary advice prescribed by their doctor.

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