Stop Biting Your Nails With Hypnosis

  • Do you bite your nails so severely that on occasion they bleed?
  • Do you feel embarrassed at the sight of your mangled nails, chewed to the quick?
  • Are you self conscious when you meet someone and have to extend a hand in greeting; Afraid that they will notice those ghastly fingernails?
  • Are you secretly jealous of those people with beautifully manicured, shaped nails?
  • Have you tried to stop biting your nails before but failed?
  • Do you worry that you haven’t got the willpower necessary to stop this compulsion?
  • Have you even continued to eat your nails even after painting them with foul tasting tincture
Stop nail biting with hypnosis from Sean Mc Gee Hypnotherapy
Grow long healthy nails with hypnotherapy


The Hidden Dangers Of Biting Your Nails!

 For many people nail biting has a negative impact upon self esteem, they go to great lengths to hide their hands from view and feel genuinely embarrassed by their habit. However there is another consideration. If you were to examine underneath your fingernails with a microscope you would see an absolute compost heap of dirt and dead skin cells heaving with bacteria and parasitic threadworms. These bacteria can cause tummy upset and even severe gastroenteritis, with vomiting and diarrhoea.

You Can Have Attractive, Well Shaped, Healthy Nails With Hypnosis

The problem with willpower or bad tasting nail tinctures is that they do not address your underlying subconscious compulsion to chew your nails. Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment to end nail biting, because it deals with the underlying subconscious urge. It is like reprogramming your subconscious.

Imagine how good it will feel when you posses long, well shaped, strong healthy nails. I recommend to my female clients that they book a manicure, for many it is the first manicure they have ever had.

Hypnotherapy for nail biting works brilliantly for children and young people also. (Please note young people under 18 years must have permission from their parents or guardians)

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