An Ocean of Peace & Calm

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A pleasant guided meditation which takes the listener into a peaceful trance. This hypnotic relaxation is combined with powerful suggestions for releasing worry and “washing away” stress.

Overcome stress and anxiety with this deeply relaxing hypnosis recording. We live in a world where we are grossly overstimulated. The pace of modern life is so fast and unpredictable that it is easy to become over stretched and end up feeling vulnerable and unable to cope. The research upon chronic stress is clear, it is a significant contributor to many illnesses. To be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy we need to manage our stress levels. From the demands of work to the complexity of family life we need an antidote.

This wonderful hypnotic recording effortlessly invites you into a peaceful trance. Thirty minutes of sheer bliss that evokes the therapeutic beauty of the beach. Wash away your problems. Feel the tension melt.

After being guided into a pleasant state of hypnotic relaxation you will easily and naturally accept the suggestions that help you cope with the pressures of modern day life. Regular use of the recording develops a newfound sense of control and inner calm.


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