Weight Loss: Flat Tummy Portion Size

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Hypnotherapy is a highly effective way to change your eating and exercise habits. On this hypnosis track you will be gently guided into a very deep state of hypnotic relaxation. The post-hypnotic suggestions are designed to help you eat less and feel satisfied sooner. You will find it easier to choose healthy, wholesome foods and consume them in quantities that ensure healthy, steady weight loss. Feel completely satisfied with less food. Soon…very soon you will feel the difference!

The last thirty years has seen a significant increase in the amount of calories that the average person consumes each day. These additional calories are unnecessary and the principal reason that the developed world is suffering from an obesity epidemic. The extra calories arise from calorie dense foods as well as a significant increase in portion size. The vast majority of people know what they need to do to be slimmer, leaner and healthier. Simply make better food choices and reduce the overall amount of foods consumed.

Sounds easy and we all know what to do. The problem lies in our inability consistently practice healthy choices and behaviours. Leading to frustration, stress and a sense of failure. Have you ever embarked upon a diet or weight loss programme, achieving remarkable results in the first days or weeks only to fall off the wagon and resort to old unhealthy habits? Multiple studies into weight loss confirm that diets don’t work in the long term. What does work is a health mind-set. This hypnosis track helps you to create health habits and eliminate that bulge. Reprogramme your mind so that you enjoy eating healthy, wholesome foods that make you slim. Eat appropriate portions of healthy food that nourish and build a strong, energetic body.

Hypnosis works with your mind helping you to make consistently healthy choices about food and exercise. In the peace and tranquillity of the trance state your deeper subconscious mind is receptive to post hypnotic suggestions. These suggestions make healthy habits automatic. From the shopping basket to the plate, you focus on life enhancing choices. Image what it will feel like to let go off the excess, to be slimmer, leaner and healthier. Mind and body working towards wellness and vitality.

Enjoy enhanced feeling of self confidence as you notice the way your clothes hang loosely and comfortably from your thinner frame. Underneath those extra unnecessary calories is a firm flat tummy waiting to be rediscovered. Do it now, listen to this hypnotherapy session and enjoy health and fitness as a natural way to live your life.


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