Lose Weight Stop Comfort Eating

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Conquer comfort eating and binging. Reprogramme your subconscious mind to only eat in response to true physical hunger. The powerful hypnotic suggestions help you to recognise and deal with uncomfortable feeling in a healthy, appropriate way. Regain control of your eating patterns. See the amazing results when you banish fattening snacks from your life. Enjoy eating healthy, wholesome foods that build a strong, lean body and fill you with boundless energy. Reprogramme your mind-set towards health and wellness. Remember all weight loss begins in the mind.

In my practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist I deal with a lot of weight loss issues. In my experience at least seventy percent of clients are overweight and unhealthy because of comfort eating. Sometimes called emotional eating or binge eating, it is where a person regularly overeats in an attempt to change the way that they feel. Comfort eating has very little to do with genuine physical hunger, it is simply a conditioned response where a person tries to mask uncomfortable feelings and emotions with food. What makes comfort eating particularly destructive is that it drives us to eat unhealthy, fattening foods. We never seem to binge on salad or veg. Our emotional state drives us towards sugars, fats and stodgy carbohydrates that pile on the pounds. In addition comfort eating is insatiable. When on a binge a person can consume incredible amounts of unhealthy food and snacks, ending up feeling bloated, depressed and guilty.

This specially recorded hypnotherapy session is invaluable for those who struggle with comfort eating. Imagine what it will feel like when you reset your appetite to respond only to healthy hunger signals. Remember true physical hunger is your friend. Moreover, you will find it easy to deal with uncomfortable feelings and emotions in an appropriate way, without resorting to junk foods. Eating healthy, wholesome foods in response to genuine hunger, you will soon begin to see and feel the wonderful results. You regain control of your eating habits and lose those unwanted inches from your body.

All weight loss begins in the mind. The vast majority of people know what they need to do to be slimmer, leaner and healthier. It is the ability to consistently practice healthy choices and behaviours that confounds most people. Leading to frustration, stress and a sense of failure. Have you ever embarked upon a diet or weight loss programme, achieving remarkable results in the first days or weeks only to fall off the wagon and resort to old unhealthy habits? Multiple studies into weight loss confirm that diets don’t work in the long term. What does work is a health mind-set. This hypnosis track helps you to create health habits. Reprogramme your mind so that you enjoy eating healthy, wholesome foods that make you slim. Eat appropriate portions of healthy food that nourish and build a strong, energetic body.

Hypnosis works with your mind helping you to make consistently healthy choices about food and exercise. In the peace and tranquillity of the trance state your deeper subconscious mind is receptive to post hypnotic suggestions. These suggestions make healthy habits automatic. From the shopping basket to the plate, you focus on life enhancing choices. Image what it will feel like to let go off the excess, to be slimmer, leaner and healthier. Mind and body working towards wellness and vitality.

Enjoy enhanced feeling of self confidence as you notice the way your clothes hang loosely and comfortably from your thinner frame. Enjoy health and fitness as a natural way to live your life.



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