Love Your Exercise

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On this hypnosis track you will enjoy a pleasant trance, a deep physical and mental relaxation. In this comfortable state your deeper subconconscious mind is receptive to hypnotic suggestions which amplify your motivation to exercise, to move and reconnect with the sheer joy of being a physical being. This recording will help you to feel very motivated to exercise regularly and to remain fit forever, even after you have reached your target weight.

Your body is a biological marvel. It is a true miracle. And unlike a machine your body actually improves the more that you use it. Appropriate exercise combined with healthy eating creates strength, stamina, flexibility and a sense of wellbeing that elevates the quality of your existence. In addition the benefits that derive from the right type of exercise can be seen and felt irrespective of age.

Never before in the history of humanity has there been a greater need for planned and organised exercise. In the past the majority of people held manual jobs or worked in agriculture so the everyday task of just living ensured that they received all the exercise that they needed. Now the majority of people, in the developed world at least, do little or no physical work. This sedentary lifestyle combined with poor eating habits has seen an explosion in lifestyle related illnesses and disease.

If you have read this far, then you are ready to be different. This hypnotherapy session is designed to massively increase your motivation to exercise. The hypnotic suggestions contained in this recording take full and complete hold in your deeper mind. Encouraging you to move, to exercise and reconnect with the joy of being alive. Combined with a healthy diet, proper rest & recuperation and stress reduction you can experience and see amazing changes in your body. Imagine how great it will be to be thinner, slimmer, lean and strong with boundless energy. Add years to your life and life to your years. Exercise now.

Hypnosis works with your mind helping you to make consistently healthy choices about food and exercise. In the peace and tranquillity of the trance state your deeper subconscious mind is receptive to post hypnotic suggestions. These suggestions make healthy habits automatic. From the shopping basket to the plate, you focus on life enhancing choices. Image what it will feel like to let go off the excess, to be slimmer, leaner and healthier. Mind and body working towards wellness and vitality.

Enjoy enhanced feeling of self confidence as you notice the way your clothes hang loosely and comfortably from your thinner frame. Enjoy health and fitness as a natural way to live your life.



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