Building Real Confidence

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This pleasantly relaxing hypnotherapy session is designed to increase your feelings of self worth. Regular use implants powerful hypnotic suggestions in your creative subconscious mind. Feel more confident and self assured, especially in social settings. Banish shyness and recognise this simple yet profound truth…”YOU ARE AS GOOD AS EVERYONE ELSE!… YOU TRULY ARE GOOD ENOUGH”

Overcome insecurity and build your self confidence with this powerful hypnosis recording. Listen to this pleasantly relaxing hypnotherapy session on a regular basis and cultivate a positive attitude. Develop a strong inner self belief and realise that you are much stronger and more capable than you have ever thought. Reprogramme your mind with confidence and motivation to succeed.

Hypnotherapy is a highly effective approach to personal development. Enjoy a powerful inner feeling of self-confidence. The recording invites you into a peaceful trance state where your deeper subconscious mind is receptive to the hypnotic suggestions for developing real self-confidence. This track can help you overcome shyness and feel generally more secure and empowered. Discover genuine feelings of self worth.

Improve your social skills. Feel more at ease when you are in the company of other people or in any social situation. Greet strangers on your terms. I highly recommend using this recording before you go for a job interview, or in advance of any event where in the past you have felt vulnerable or stressed.

Developing a positive mental attitude and strong self-confidence will greatly enhance your quality and enjoyment of life. Feel comfortable in your own skin, happy to simply be yourself. Calm, relaxed and in control at all times.


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