Healthy Weight Loss With Hypnotherapy

How Sucessful Are Your Weight Loss Efforts? Are You Fed Up Feeling Bloated & Looking Huge?

Weight Loss Hypnosis From Sean Mc Gee Hypnotherapy

Is weight loss a real issue for you? Are you feeling down and helpless about your weight? Do all your weight loss efforts seem to end in failure? Do you make jokes about your bulging waistline to your friends but privately shed a tear of frustration at your inability to slim down.

Imagine how good you would feel if you knew the real answer to healthy, lifelong weight control. Do you want to be slimmer and healthier but don’t believe that you have the willpower? If so read on and discover how you can take back control of your life by addressing the real issues. The “Mindset Weight Loss Programme” has helped countless people to lose weight and keep it off permanently.

Have You Tried Every Diet Under The Sun Without Success? Are You Sick of All The Gimmicks, Lies And False Promises?
Do you want to hear the truth? Research has proven that 95% of diets do not work! Diets do NOT result in permanent weight loss. Most dieters lose some weight short term but end up putting it all back on, plus a bit more. The never ending cycle of one fad diet followed by the next fad diet which comes along, leads to weight gain!! Furthermore many diets are based on misleading information and some are actually harmful to your health.

Lose Weight & Enjoy....

  • Improved Health & Fitness
  • Slimmer, leaner body that looks younger and more attractive
  • Reduced Risks of suffering a life threatening disease such as heart disease, diabetes or stroke.
  • A great quality of life.
  • Improved mobility.  Move around more easily and comfortably.
  • Increased energy and vitality, that allows you to get through each day full of “get up and go”
  • Going shopping for that special outfit that would never have fit you in the past.
  • Going to the back of the wardrobe for those jeans that have been waiting for the past few years.
  • The confidence that comes from having a slim, lean body
  • Make weight loss automatic as you develop life enhancing habits

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Mindset Weight Loss Programme From Sean Mc Gee Hypnotherapy

The Mindset Weight Loss Programme

“No Gimmicks, No B******t, No False Claims. A Proven, Healthy Approach To Weight Loss That Works”

The Unique “Mindset Weight Loss System” Is The Most Powerful Weight Loss Hypnosis Currently Available Anywhere Today!
It is a revolutionary approach to weight loss that targets the real cause of weight gain;

  •  Eating for comfort or to change the way you feel,
  •  Limiting beliefs created by the desire to find a quick, lazy way to lose weight. These limiting beliefs are compounded by past failed attempts to diet.
  •  Lack of real motivation which results in failure to do the things that really have to be done to be successful.
You really Can lose weight Call Sean on 0872895171 or email now to take back control of your life and develop healthy habits

This is NOT a diet. The strategy is based upon developing a healthier lifestyle.  Powerful 5-Path hypnosis combined with a comprehensive programme of supports helps you to make fundamental subconscious changes necessary to lose weight and regain a lean, healthy body, irrespective of your age or current physical condition;

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Eliminate comfort eating so that;

  • You can enjoy eating healthy, wholesome foods, which make you slim.
  • You can eat smaller portions and when you feel satisfied, stop eating easily.
  • You can stop eating unhealthy, fattening snacks.
  • Put an end to emotional eating and binging.

Change limiting beliefs so that;

  • You can develop a positive self image of yourself as a slimmer, healthier person.
  • You can begin to believe that you will be successful this time.
  • You can truly understand that you are not missing out by eliminating unhealthy foods and habits.
  • You can believe that you are really in control of your life and your body.
  • Move beyond old, outdated limiting beliefs and thoughts that hold you back and keep you stuck
Healthy weight loss with hypnosis

Develop Super Motivation so that;

  • You enjoy regular vigorous exercise which makes you lean and strong.
  • You get up and do it no matter what the weather is like or how many excuses there are.
  • You develop coping strategies that help you to incorporate a healthier way of living into your busy life.
  • You maintain laser like focus and concentration until you reach your target weight.


However This is Not For Everyone

This is NOT For You if you;

  1. Are looking for a quick fix. If you want to shed bucket loads of weight in a week!
  2. Think that there is a weight loss pill that can solve your problem.
  3. Are not prepared to change your lifestyle
  4. Are not willing to put in effort
  5. Are not willing to accept that a healthy weight first requires changes in how you think and feel!
  6. Believe that your weight gain is all down to “heavy bones” or “bad genes”
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